Major Renovations Made Hassle-Free

The Pros make home renovations easy on you by providing dedicated project managers, choosing the best craftspeople and handling all the building codes and permits. You may also be interested in the approach we take to the different types of work we offer.

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Home Additions
  • Condos
  • Major Repairs
  • Design/Blueprints
  • Basement Renovations

Plan your Major Home Renovation

Kitchen Renovations

We can do all the work it takes to turn your kitchen into the social headquarters that every home craves. Your look and feel is achieved with new appliances, new flooring, cabinets, lighting and so much more. We work to turn kitchens into the most inviting space in the home.

Bathroom Renovations

Your bathroom can be such a pleasant room with the right renovations. Perhaps you’re interested in some new walls, bright new floor and ceilings, or even a luxury feature like heated floors. We can help you with all of it, and we make it so easy.

Basement Renovations

Amazing spaces can be created from the common basement. Ask us about turning yours into the room of your dreams. That could be a downstairs rec room to keep the kids busy, or perhaps your own personal office or bar.

Home Additions

Who couldn’t use just a little more space? These can be complicated renovations, but not when left in the capable hands of our project managers. Let us make your home addition project a hassle-free journey to having all the room you need.

Condo Remodeling

The frustration of working with condo boards isn’t a problem for you. When you hire us to remodel your condo, we’ll send our own people to work out the bylaws and make sure that your personal designs are approved. You can just sit back and relax while our team makes your condo even better.


See your most interesting designs turned into plans that you can use. Our project managers can help you design what you want from your work. We’ll take advantage our ability to create rendered images to give you an early idea of how future renovations might appear.

Major Repairs for Damaged Homes

We can bring homes back from the brink of destruction with our careful and thorough home repair services. Restore damaged residences to functionality or take back a treasured house from fire and water damage. We can help you recover your home.

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