Home Renovations in Ottawa

A home renovation doesn’t have to be stressful, not when you hire the Ottawa Renovation Pros. If there’s one thing we want for you, it’s to give your home the look it truly deserves using a plan that keeps your stress at bay.

Hassle-Free Home Renovations

Ready to make your home the best it has ever been? Trust in the experienced craftspeople at The Renovation Pros. We would love to show you our portfolio, and help you understand how we can use your vision to bring new life to your

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Basements
  • Condos
  • Home Additions
  • Major Repairs (storm/fire damage)
  • Design/Blueprinting Services

Work with a dedicated project manager for your renovation, who always knows what’s going on and can manage anyone on the jobsite to correct a problem. Our managers keep everyone focused on the right vision—yours.


Our team can handle almost any type of home renovation. We provide our services for all rooms in your home, and have the experience to handle your most premium requests. Please call for a consultation if you’re interested in any of these services.

Interior Renovations
Interior Renovations

Create the perfect look and unlock the true potential of your home with our interior renovation services. We’ll remake your kitchens, bathrooms and other spaces.

Condo Renovations
Condo Renovations

All the special features you want for your condo can be created by our builders. Let us work with your condo board to manage everything

Home Additions
Home Additions

Expand the size of your home and build new features that can improve the selling price. Our team can handle your biggest ideas.

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About Us

We’re the team that makes every renovation easy for you. Some contracting teams make complicated or vague estimates that don’t help you understand what to expect from your final invoice. We use a simple but detailed invoice that should help you easily understand everything that goes into your project before we begin.

A major source of stress in renovations is not being sure of what you want. The Pros would love to help you fill in the gaps where you’re just not sure about the best look. We are experienced designers who know what’s happening in the latest home design circles. We’ll help you find the looks and features that your design really needs.

Why Choose Us

Only the Best are Chosen to Work on Your Home

If you want peace of mind during a renovation, you need to trust the people who are working in your home. That’s never going to be a problem when you choose The Pros. Only the best contractors are chosen when we need to bring in a specialist for your project. We carefully choose from among those with the best references and portfolios in the region.

Permits & Paperwork? We Take Care of That

What’s more frustrating to an ambitious renovation than some bureaucracy? You can expect that there are laws regarding most changes you want to make to your home, but we make that our business when you choose The Pros. We will handle all of your permits for you so the job can continue.

Have Questions About our Services?